Ready For A Change?

Ready For Transformation?

Feeling Stuck, Anxious, or Scared?

Are you over-reacting to situations?

Do you feel like You are not in control of your emotions??

Have you tried to lose weight but can’t seem to shake off those pounds?

It feels like your body is working against you? 

If you have experienced any of these things – I totally get it….and I can help.

Through hypnotherapy, guided imagery, and energetic work, I can help you release blocks that are keeping you stuck in frustrating cycles and help you resolve conflicts from the past. Once you release these blocks, you open yourself up to feeling more light, free, and empowered to move forward in your journey.  You can make choices from a different head space -with more clarity and vision for what you truly desire and what works for you.

My clients have experienced tremendous life transformations – you can read some of those testimonies Here.

If you are wondering who I am and why I think I can help you – please visit the About Me page. 🙂   If you feel like you resonate with me and would like to work together,  please email me at or give me a call at 340-642-4522.  Leave me a message detailing what you are struggling with and a good time to return your call.  I will call you to make sure we are great fit – and proceed to scheduling your session!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out Sacred Journeys!!

 I look forward to talking to you!


Jackie <3







Jackie van der Velde, B.A. CHt.