I love being a hypnotherapist! I have seen amazing things happen during sessions! People have released pain and trauma from long ago, even lifetimes ago!! So much freedom and change after even one session!! I’m so excited to share what I do with others so we can all walk in our purpose!!

Unfortunately, when I tell people about hypnotherapy, the first reaction I usually see is fear. Regretfully, people associate hypnotherapy with an embarassing Las Vegas act! They do not want to be put themselves in such a vulnerable spot, and I don’t blame them.

In response to the fear people have voiced over hypnotherapy, let me take a few moments to dispell some common misperceptions.

1. “You are going to make me do crazy things during trance.”

First of all, let me assure you that you are in full control during our session. I will guide you into a state of extreme relaxation through a guided visualization. You will go only as deep into trance as you feel comfortable. And you are aware of everything going on at every moment, and in fact, will remember everything that happened during the trance upon “waking up.”

2. “You are going plant thoughts into my mind.”

No, I will not “plant” any thoughts into your subconscious. We will explore your internal world together, having a conversation throughout the journey. Everything revealed will come directly from your own soul, Higher Self, Source, or The Divine.

If you have any questions or concerns about hypnotherapy, please call me and I will be happy to talk to you!!

Sending you love… ~<3~

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