What Is A Sacred Journey?



Sacred Journeys are a beautiful and unique blend of hypnotherapy and energy work, which explore and bring to light any hidden beliefs that may be preventing one from living their life to its fullest.

Through a guided visualization, the client reaches a hypnotic trance to begin the Sacred Journey. Sessions are very interactive – we will have a conversation throughout the session. I guide and provide support in whatever way is necessary as we navigate the path revealed before us. The client is ultimately in full control of the session, having the choice to engage in what is presented, or to redirect the journey elsewhere.

I trust that whatever is revealed during a journey is for the highest good of the client, as their Highest Self is revealing what is to be addressed.

Most sessions explore relationship issues that unknowingly effect one’s current life experience. Unresolved issues hiding beneath the surface can wreak havoc on one’s life and reality. There have been tremendous healing conversations take place during trance, lifting years of pain, shame, and guilt, thus changing the client’s whole world! This is nothing short of miracle!

Everyone can benefit from taking a Sacred Journey. They are great for solidifying one’s goals, building confidence, and visualizing one’s future self. Each Journey is as unique and amazing as the individual. Call to schedule yours today!

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