We are social beings, born to love and be loved. All too often we are exposed to situations that leave scars on our tender hearts, making it difficult to give and receive love as intended of We can see these scars and barriers in the relationships we attract into our lives. Often they mirror back to us the things we want to reject and hide about ourselves. When we are constantly reminded of things we would rather forget, it may be time for us to address, accept, and let go of that we have fought so hard against.

The theme in my life, which is also reflected in many of my sessions, is that of reconciling and releasing relationships. Through forgiveness, acceptance, and release comes freedom from pain that may have been carried for many years. Forgiveness does not justify or excuse any situation, it does however, free one from carrying the burden of anger and bitterness in their soul.

If you are experiencing reoccurring patterns in your relationships with others or yourself, I would like to invite you to explore at your inner world and observe who or what you may be holding in judgment and unforgiveness, or what part of yourself are you resisting.

Having facilitated and experienced first hand these closing conversations, I know the tremendous impact forgiveness has on one’s soul. I would be honored to lead you in a journey of forgiveness, reconciliation and liberation.

If this feels right to you, please call to schedule your journey today.

Much love and peace…. <3

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