I have a whole new level of gratitude for my body – being able to move with no limitations is a blessing, indeed.   I have also gained a new sense of empathy and compassion for those who are injured.  With this ankle injury,  I am experiencing loss of mobility and strength that I haven’t felt before.  This has brought up many things for me to look at and to let go of.

Physical injury bring along with it emotional injury as well –  it can bring about an identity crisis – questioning our sense of self and self-worth.   What happens if my body fails me? What happens if my body doesn’t recover from this injury? What happens if my status shifts from athlete to injured? What if? What if?  What if? What’s to become of me?

Depending on the injury – and permanence of the change, this can really have huge affects on the person’s sense of self.

This ankle injury allowed all these questions and doubts to rise up – so I can see how much I am attached to the image of my body, my agility, my strength, power, and mobility.  The thought of losing all these things made me step back and think through letting go of those attachments.

Who am I beyond the body? Who am I beyond the external trappings of this reality? What if everything were to change? Who would I be then?

All these questions can lead us to drill down to the core of our true self – our true worth – beyond our attachment to the external things in our reality, our capabilities, even our own body.

Beyond all of these things is our True Self.  We are Divine Beings – Living a human Experience.

Realizing it can all shift in a second – let us live in more love – more compassion – more forgiveness – more humility.


Love & Light.


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