Beach Warrior

Yoga is not only a wonderful way to transform the body, but it can also transform our mind. If we allow it, we can shift our focus away from the external triggers that can cause us much stress, and shift our attention to what is going inside us. It allows us to practice witnessing our thoughts instead of reacting to them. It stills the mind, and enhances our attention, as we practice non-attachment to others and external reality. All we have is the present moment.

I turned to yoga when I was going through a very painful heartbreak. I took my body, my painful memories, as well as all my anger, to my newly acquired yoga mat. I would work through poses and use all the energy stored in my body as fuel for my practice. With each pose, I would experience release of the toxins in my body that were associated with different emotions – pain- rage-fear-depression-loss- anguish-and release them through my sweat. Each day I would let go of more and more pain and receive healing in the deepest parts of me. I allowed myself to let go of the attachment to the story – the players- and the outcome. Yoga allowed me to live in the present moment of what is – not what was. It has been a catalyst for a new way of living and Being. It has shifted the way I see myself- others- and the world around me.

That is probably the most profound benefit of yoga – it can shift our perceptions-which create our reality. Whatever we believe is true – becomes true for us.  For me – yoga reawakened my awareness of my True Nature – my Authentic Self and Divine Love.

We are all One.

If you would like to let go of painful emotions trapped in your body, mind, and/or energy body, come play with me. I will lead you in a challenging practice and hold space for you as you let go of what no longer serves you.


Love & Light,

Jackie <3


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