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Hey Friends!

How are you? I hope you are doing well.
I was at a training this week on Sexual Assault / Trauma / Childhood Sexual Assault. I was reminded of how the perpetrator makes sure to keep things a secret – and they do this by making sure the victim would feel like they are doing something wrong – it’s their fault – or by threatening them or their family.

Another thing is the assailant is usually someone the victim knows and trusts – therefore doesn’t want to get the other person in trouble for doing something “bad.” There are so many dynamics involved in these scenarios – it’s not difficult to see how the abused and the abuser can have shame, guilt, confusion, anger, depression, denial, and many other emotions locked inside of them. These emotions keep us hiding in life – not only hiding events of the past – but also hiding who we are.

We may have decided that it isn’t safe to be seen – so we hide who we are. Or perhaps we decided we are damaged in some way – we carry around shame – as if we are shameful in some way. Hiding ourselves – not looking at others in the eye – turning away – as if we are faulty in some way. None of that is true. Please don’t allow the shame of the past keep you locked into that energy of hiding. Please Be Free.

In light of this, I made a short audio about the energetic pattern of shame – I also have a Freedom Meditation on the Soundcloud page. If you feel so inclined – please take some time and listen them.

If I can support you further in releasing shame, guilt, or anything else keeping you stuck – please call to schedule a session.

Blessings to you, my Sweet Friends.

Love & Light.

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