Who Is In Control Of Your HABITS?

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Do you have a habit that you can’t seem to shake?
Have you tried to stop smoking but just can’t?
Do you find yourself looking in the pantry when you are stressed, lonely or bored?
Well, I believe that there is that a part of you finding comfort in these habits that your rational mind isn’t aware of.  That is why it is so difficult to do mantras and change habits and behaviors by just “forcing” yourself to stop.  It takes all the aspects of a person be on board. What I mean is – the mind, the mental body may have some control – but the internal parts of us have greater control over our actions than we realize. That is why we must access the internal realm to release the trigger for the habits we struggle with.  This is achieved through trance, and then consoling the inner child or hidden aspect that is trying to comfort themselves by reaching for the cookies or cigarettes.  Once that part is held in love – the adult version is free to make different choices.
If you would like support in letting go of unwanted habits or emotional states (fear, anger, anxiety, etc.) – I would be honored to work with you!
Please call 808-214-0434 or email and we can chat about working together.
I look forward to hearing from you!
Jackie <3

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