Jackie van der Velde B.A.

Certified Hypnotherapist, Personal Trainer, Traveling Mystic

My Background

I feel like I have been doing healing work since I was little, but I guess it officially started as a Crisis Hotline Counselor in 1995, then I became a Spiritual Counselor , Worship Leader and head of  Women’s Ministries at the Virginia Beach Vineyard Church, where I moved in prophetic and healing gifts.   I ask Creator, the Angels, and other loving energies to contribute to healing to our bodies, and greater awareness of our Divine Essence, which always allows for a greater perspective.

I graduated from South Puget Sound Community College with a Liberal Arts degree with an emphasis in Pre-Nursing. During the first quarter of the nursing program, I found myself conflicted about the use of medications in western medicine. Not that there isn’t a place for medication, but the over emphasis on pharmaceuticals really bothered me. I didn’t want to push medications, which mostly mask symptoms, I desired to find the root of illness and help people get well.

Through a turn of events in my own family, I ended up not completing nursing school. My daughter came home for Thanksgiving break stating she was experiencing vertigo and having trouble seeing. Upon immediate investigation, we discovered she had two cancerous lesions in her brain.  Neither of us returned to school that year. Instead, we started a very intense journey of our own  – balancing chemotherapy with alternative modalities of prayer and hands on healing.  After 6 months of therapy she was in remission. That was in April 2011.

One year later, I enrolled into the Mind/Body Medicine Program at Evergreen State College, where I found a more holistic approach towards health and wellness. During my time at Evergreen State College, I studied several modalities which treat the emotional body, mental body, energetic body, as well as the physical body.


I have had amazing clients who have received tremendous healing – emotional, physical, and energetic healing.  It’s an honor to do this sacred work.

Feel free to contact me via phone 808-214-0434, Facebook Messenger, or email at  I would love to chat with you to see if we are a good fit – then schedule your session!




Jackie <3



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