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How Is Your Inner Child Today?
Jackie van der Velde, B.A. C.Ht.

In nearly every hypnotherapy session, I get the privilege of meeting and soothing someone’s most vulnerable and precious part – the one that often holds a tremendous amount of pain and rejection. I get to meet the Inner Child.

As my client allows their inner child to come forth, they are allowing me to witness their most private and vulnerable self, trusting me to hold and nurture that sacred being with Divine Love, as we facilitate healing and freedom to that child within. That is without a doubt, my most treasured experience within my practice – that my clients trust me with their most fragile self. I am truly honored.

What is Inner Child Therapy and Why Is It Important?

We may be in our 30’s 40’s or older, yet it may be our 5 years old being triggered by a remark, or a situation, or any familiar pattern that subconsciously reminds us of an old wound. If we are overreacting, feeling overwhelmed, or feeling like we want to run away and/or hide, it might be our little one inside who is reacting. This is an excellent opportunity to reflect, ask what need isn’t being met, listen, then take time to soothe that part of us. It could be as easy as simply acknowledging the emotion and letting it go.

Next time you are feeling frustrated, angry, or upset, stop and gently ask what is really going on? What part of you is feeling that emotion? What does that part need? Listen with compassion – as you would with any small child, acknowledge the emotions, and let them go. Make sure you do not rush this process. Take time to process what come up, using your breath to release any sensations that come.

If you would like additional support working with your Inner Child, I would be honored to support you in this precious journey.

Love & Light.

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