Some people will seem to be determined to misunderstand and misinterpret the things you say and do. Now once in a while everyone misinterprets another’s words and actions – and when that happens, open communication is an essential tool to clarify the situation and come to resolution.

However, if there seems to be repeated miscommunication with the same person – one might consider asking questions to see what’s really going on? Especially if you find yourself feeling like you have to defend yourself or like you are being attacked or scrutinized.

Ask — with no conclusion or judgement:

1. What is really going on here?

2. How and why am I feeling to need to protect / defend myself?

3. Am I holding trauma that feels familiar to this person and/or situation?

4. Where am I holding an energetic charge that is allowing this to continue? (if it’s a pattern)

5. What part of me needs love and nurturing? Where am I aligning and agreeing with this person to feel the need to defend myself? Is there any truth to what is being said?

6. Allow compassion and love to reach deep within you to release those old triggers and heal old wounds.

When there isn’t any “charge” left – then you can reassess the situation and determine if you desire to seek resolution with the person – or release the person and relationship with love. If you decided to release it and if there is anything left to say – it might be best to do in writing….especially if the other person isn’t really interested in resolution. Perhaps creating drama and trauma is just been a game for them, and a way for them to vampire your energy or resources.

Note: Some people use guilt/blame/shame/chaos as a form of manipulation for their own gain. When you heal the wounds they are using against you – you won’t fall prey to them anymore. You won’t be triggered. Therefore, you can even be in gratitude for them because they exposed your wounds that needed healing. <3

All in all – realize it’s okay to not be understood by everyone – it’s so beautiful to allow yourself to be Authentically You. Your Soul has it’s own unique Divine Vibration that sings throughout the Universe. Those who are harmonious with you will appear when you allow yourself to be free from what doesn’t work. Why keep working so hard on making something harmonious that simply isn’t…. just bless and release. By releasing those things that don’t work, you are opening yourself up to receive what does.

Love & Light.<3

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