Hi Everyone!!

I feel a serious shift coming on within me!  As much as I love working with individuals to support them in their healing/freedom process – I am aware that I am leaning into more of a Global Perspective – I want to heal the world!  I desire to expand global awareness – environmental awareness. I want to educate humanity in treating Mamma Gaia as the Sacred Being that She is!!

As I am traveling around the world…I’m growing so discouraged by how humanity has disregarded and disrespected Gaia by throwing trash everywhere – polluting our water, our land, our food, without any second thought.

Our oceans are full of trash – full of toxins – that are killing the sea life and will eventually kill us as well if we don’t stop and do something.

It feels like my purpose has shifted from healing the individual to healing the planet.  I’m not sure exactly what that will look like yet – but I know that there is much for me to do – for all of us to do.  If Each One does something – we can shift things and turn things around!!  We All have influence – we can ALL do something!!

Please – let’s join together and create change by doing something – pick up trash when you see it.  Recycle – don’t waste water – don’t pollute.  Stand up for those without a voice – take a stand for Mamma Gaia!!

Love Her – Honor Her – and All Her Inhabitants.

We Can ALL Do Something.




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