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Thank you for taking part in the “How I Bounced Back” Telesummit!

I hope you were blessed by everyone’s wonderful story of hope and resiliency. I’m astounded by how resilient our hearts and minds can be – especially when we have tools to release the effects of living in this reality.

Many of us have residual drama and trauma locked away in the body, mind, and energy body that can keep us stuck –  actually a little part of us is frozen in time. Thankfully, through a variety of healing modalities, we can release the pain of yesterday – and move forward – keeping the lesson and the gift of what was.  Through hypnotherapy and energetic healing, I have witnessed tremendous healing and transformation in my sessions.  If you are ready to be set free of what is holding you back – even if you’re not sure what it is – I would be honored to facilitate a Sacred Journey of Healing and Transformation.


In gratitude for you watching my interview in the “How I Bounced Back Summit” I am offering 2 special discounts.

A.  3 – 45 minute Skype/Phone Sessions for $100. (Savings of $100)

B.  2 – 60 minute in-person Energy Scrub session for $100. (Saving of $120)

Please click on the link below to purchase.

2  In-Person Sessions
In Person Sessions

3 Skype/Telephone Sessions
Skype/Telephone Sessions


Also check out Soundcloud for meditations/clearings.

Sound CloudSkype/Telephone Sessions

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