I went to Las Terrenas, Dominican Republic to see if I would find my new home. I can tell you I found some troubling conditions in the ocean – which caused me to make a couple of videos trying to spread awareness of what we are doing to our planet. This isn’t a new topic anymore but still, it seems that there are cultures that don’t understand the impact of throwing trash on the ground. How it hurts us as a people, how it hurts the planet, and all the animals on land and in the waters.

I urge everyone to please, take part in picking up trash, educating those around us, and contribute in some way to efforts being made to turn this trash / toxic situation around before it is too late.

I want to warn you – my first video is very fiery and contains the F bomb – I was so upset. Just so you know. I also want to say that this problem isn’t isolated – trash is everywhere!! We need to stop creating so much crap and figure out something different as humans! We are so intelligent – let’s use it for everyone’s greatest good. Most importantly – Mamma Gaia – Mamma Ocean. Peace.

First Day Video

First Day in the D.R.

Trash Melt Down

Rational Communication About Our Trash Situation

Photos of Las Terrenas

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