Little One


Has your child been labeled with ADHD? Are you suffering from anxiety, chronic stress, or PTSD?

The Bars may be just what your child, or you are looking for to feel focused, relaxed, and at peace.

“Many people who have experienced the Access Consciousness® technique known as “Access Bars®” have experienced significant relief from the symptoms of distractibility, inability to concentrate, as well as depression and other “mood disorders” for which people may be mistakenly diagnosing themselves and taking drugs.

Many practitioners of individual Access Bars® sessions have noticed profound relaxation among their clients. Many of these individuals find that they experience a lack of that very hyperactivity and distractibility for which drugs are so often prescribed. They may experience being relaxed for the first time in their lives.”…/could-access-consci…/

If you would like to offer yourself and/ or your child an alternative to medication – try this gentle touch therapy and see what changes are possible!

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