Relaxation and Stress Reduction!!  Ahhhh…….it’s like taking a deep breath and letting it go….. that feels good. You can just feel the stress and tension release from the body.

Sometimes we just need to relax – there’s not a “problem” per se – we just want to let go. In fact, the more often one participates in relaxation sessions, the less stress one takes on. It’s very therapeutic for the whole mind/body/soul.

Regular relaxation sessions maintain balance within the soul – staying healthy and balanced is easier than having to unload lots of pent up emotional baggage.  Once that “hard work” is done – maintenance sessions are very relaxing.  It’s like getting your weekly body work done to keep everything loosened up – or going to the gym daily to maintain your strength and fitness levels.

If you would like to incorporate energetic wellness into your life – let’s set up a program – cleansing and clearing away toxic clutter – then maintaining your energetic / mental health with periodic session.

Your Investment

Single Session – $80
Package of 4 – $280

To Schedule your session – call 808-214-0434 or email me at!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Blessings. <3

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