Your investment is an important part of the process!

As we meet together to move you forward in your journey – I am asking you to invest in yourself!!

Not only financially – but also spiritually, physically and emotionally.  When we work on something together – it’s up to you to do the work!

That means once we finish our session – You are the one in charge of your thinking – your eating – your training – and maintaining your healthy boundaries around your heart / mind / body!

Please remember……

You are ultimately in control of all your situations by you thoughts,choices and actions!

I have faith in you!!


Here are some options of how I can support You in your Sacred Journey of Life.


Emotional/Energetic Healing Sessions 

Single Sessions

Sacred Journey (Hypnotherapy)

Past Life Regressions


Intuitive Energetic Scrubs

Monthly Package for Wellness – Weight Loss Transformation

Package of 4 sessions of Intuitive Clearing & Subconscious Reprogramming

1 session per week.


Maintenance Package

4 Energetic Scrubs – $300
Only available to those who have had at least 4 sessions  and must be done within 4 weeks of each other to maintain “Maintenance” status.

Tarot Consultations

Intuitive Energy Healing with Tarot  -$120

30 Minute Phone Tarot Consultation – $30
1 Question Email Consultation – $20 (Send me your question and I will reply with photo of cards drawn and my interpretation.)


Please – when you purchase your session – include all your contact information so we can connect and schedule your session. If you would like Skype sessions – my Skype contact is Jackie.vandervelde2.


I look forward to hearing from you!! It’s my honor to support you on your Sacred Journey of Life!

Love & Light.

Jackie :)…

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