“Jackie is very skilled at assessing the underlying causes of trauma and emotions, such as anger and fear. In working together for only 5 sessions, she helped reveal a past life situation with my Father that I would not have discovered on my own. Knowing this background put all the pieces of the mystery together, for me. Now that my Father has passed into the next world, I am at peace, partly, because of the excellent process Jackie guided me through.

Jackie is extremely intuitive and at times it seemed like she was able to read my mind. She knows just the right words of encouragement and has the ability to be a catalyst, to help release deeply held anger and fears. I was able to release old beliefs that I no longer need. Several other relationships, in my life, have improved and I am very grateful for the experience of working with Jackie!!”   Kim Y. ~ Oct. 2017


“Thank you again for everything. And I hope you know that session we had has changed me for the better. You helped me tap into some personal truth which allowed personal growth. In every area of my life I am more confident and strong.”
Cassie – September 2017
I really didn’t know what to expect the first time I came to Jackie for a reading and healing intuitive session. I am an acupuncturist trained in Chinese medicine and also have worked with tarot for 30 years, so I must admit, as much as I have worked in healing and energy medicine, I still can be a bit skeptical. I’ve had my share of disappointing sessions. I can tell you that my experience with Jackie was such a blessing. She has a great respect and intuitiveness for the work she does and she is so in tune and connected. From the moment we started, I feel at ease and walking into her space I could feel that she had done a lot of clearing before I arrived…it felt so peaceful and tranquil. She was able to sit with me and tune in and I felt she was very right-on with the tarot. We worked with that and at the same time she worked on clearing a lot of blocked energy I had and we also did visualization. My only regret is that I should have booked a longer session, 1.5 hours instead of an hour. I walked out light and shining and I felt peaceful and focused. The energy work she did with me helped me clear out quite a lot of old junk I had been carrying around.
I cherish my experience with her and am glad she can share her gift with others. As someone who works daily in healing modalities, I know she’s the real deal. Thank you, Jackie!”     Jennifer. P.  July 2017


“My experience with Jackie has been nothing short of magnificent! An exceptional healer, safe place, and guide. following my session with Jackie, I have been able to ground myself and stay clear and focused in my intent each day. which is huge! as a veteran with a TBI, Jackie has truly helped me get on track and find the path again.” Joe ~ Feb. 2016


“I feel totally clean, cleansed, calm. It was a really, really good session. I feel a big difference. I feel like a new person and am no longer obsessing about the pain and judgments that were placed on me. It has been so freeing and I thank you from my heart!” Gwen ~ Jan 2016


“Jackie is amazing!She came highly recommended to me and even if it took a while for me to be ready to see her, it was worth my wait, but I should have made the appointment right away. The amount of inner healing she preformed can only be described as a gift. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs this type of work!” Elizabeth ~ Oct. 2015


Garrett S.

Jackie is absolutely amazing. I’ve been plagued by my anxiety and depression for 5 years now. I’ve seen doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, and couselors. I’ve taken a few different medications and nothing helped.One visit with Jackie and I have an immense increase in my quality of life. I’m no longer in a deep depression. I can laugh, smile, and be joyful again. Thanks to Jackie, I can finally give the love and support to my wife and three month old son that they deserve.

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“Since my journey with you I have had much less of a “block” preventing me from doing what it is I want to do. I’m currently planning a camping trip for a group of “Wild Women” this Summer. Something I would have only thought of without putting any action towards. I have gotten back on track with my health goals. It helps me to remember the heaviness I felt in relation to my Dad and am realising that it revolves around others in my family. They stress me out…but, am able to detach from holding onto the stress and just kind of let them be how they are without it greatly affecting me.  It’s been like looking at life with fresh eyes. Again, thank you so very much!! ”   ~ Sheila

“I love working with Jackie. She is clear in her intentions and gets right to it with confidence; I feel comforted by her presence. I experienced a sense of lightness and clarity after our session, and she gave me tools that have been very supportive.”  Uzume R.  January 2015


” I highly recommend Jackie! The journey I had was amazing and brought to light so much in my life that needed healing. Exactly what I asked for! Thank you! Thank you!” Nicole S.


Jacki was amazing. I went in a little skeptical but open minded, literally. And then in two sessions released some very serious and heavy stresses. I ended the journey in a blissful state of happiness. I am now creating some things I never thought possible. Recommend her highly. Thanx ~ Jason S.


“Jackie is a radiant, shining light!” Amitabhan


” Jackie is a gifted facilitator for deep healing of the soul. In our first session, Jackied aided me in the discovery of some deep rooted soul pain buried lifetimes ago, and helped excavate that which was not necessary for my growth in this lifetime. Hypnotherapist, energy worker, and sacred journey guide, Jackie is a unique channel for Divine Radiance. (You should check out her power yoga classes too!)” David W.


” Jackie’s guided journeys have opened my heart, given me new and valuable insights into my self, and have taken me to beautiful and tranquil states. I highly recommend Jackie as both a skilled practitioner and a person of high integrity. For both healing and exploration, she is a great guide. :)” Heather I.


” Jackie is of pure heart. During our hypnotherapy session I felt completely at ease, confidential, and in safe hands.” Iona M.


“Jackie ran my bars– an energy modality that allows you to “push the reset button on your hard drive” so that you can bring positive change into your life. Jackie is a delightful, nurturing and empowering person, which makes it easy to relax and get into the mode when you are getting your bars run. I love the personal touches that she throws into the mix– uniquely of her energy. I would absolutely choose her to run my bars anytime. It is a powerful, dynamic, spiritual experience that is enjoyable AND transformational. Thank you Jackie, for being YOU! :)”  Lizzie B.


“I can’t say enough about Jackie. In one session, she helped me totally removed a fundamental belief about myself that had been holding me back all my life. Six months later I still find myself marveling when I easily handle situations that I have been avoiding all my life. Thank you, Jackie!” Chris. L.


“I had a sacred journey with Jackie and it was amazing! Life changing… I didn’t think I’d be able to be “hypnotized” because I have control stuff, but because of her amazing comforting energy, it was easy… I have since used her for little blocks and letting go of situations…”  Sarah. M.





  1. Connie K. August 14, 2013 5:23 pm

    Jackie is a natural. I have had other guided journeys from others and never felt like I really went there…Jackie was so awesome, staying with me, and helping me feel safe and secure as I reached the most amazing place. She is truly a great guide and I was able to get to a place I needed to go to and figure out why I was stuck. She left me with total confidence and motivation to move forward easily. I highly recommend Jackie. I actually went in doing the journey for fun but was surprised when we really went somewhere. Love this lady!!!
    Connie K

  2. Matt August 14, 2013 10:47 pm

    Have seen Jackie for both Bars Healing and Sacred Journeying. My work with Jackie has radically transformed my life. I feel so fortunate to find myself in a place that I thought would take years to get to.