I have been desiring to explore this beautiful world we live in and truly live out my “Sacred Journey Of Life.”

I will be uploading videos of my travels for those who are interested in seeing where my adventure takes me next.

My first Sacred Exploration was to Maui….which was phenomenal!! I can’t believe I waited so long to go. Since that visit – I have decided to make home by warm ocean waters. My intention is to visit as many exotic places as I can to determine which part of the world will be my new home.

Keep a lookout for new videos as I post them. Here are the Maui videos if you would like to share in my adventure.  I can’t help but notice the difference in my appearance between my first video and the last!!  Maui was indeed, very healing and good to me.

First Day in Maui

Chattering Birds

Maui Brewing Company

Beautiful Beach on the Westside

Protected Waters Video

Banyon Tree

Lahaina Hostel

Travel Buddy – Kaisa!

Sunset At Kalama Park

Last Day In Maui

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