Are you obsessing about your past lover and can’t seem to move on?

Are you desiring more harmony in your relationships?

There may be energetic cords still between you and your former flame keeping you from moving forward. When we are intimate with people, emotionally and especially physically, we join our energy bodies. We can even be hooked into them spiritually. These cords and hooks can really prevent us from moving forward and finding new love.  If you have been noticing you are still thinking about your former partners – daydreaming, night dreaming, longing for them – there may be deep cords and hooks embedded.

Together we can cleanse your energy and gently remove any residual cords linking you to others so you can be free.

We can also support your ability to connect sexually to your current partner to enjoy each other. We do this by releasing any past trauma around sexual encounters that may prevent you from fully enjoying this Sacred Union.

Call 808-214-0434 or email to schedule a consultation and your freedom session!

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jackie <3


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