Intuitive Energy Body Scrub
Remembering Who You Are

The life we are living is created by us-by our thoughts and beliefs. As we are children, even in the womb or before, we pick up signals from external sources that make up our programing about who we are, and how we interact with others in this world. We absorb other people’s thoughts and take them on as our own. We also have patterns of behavior passed down in our DNA. We spend the first 7 years of our life being imprinted or programmed with beliefs about ourselves and others – and they become part of the subconscious. Unfortunately, sometimes we are exposed to caregivers and other people who are living in their own drama and trauma, and don’t have the capacity to impart healthy love, value, confidence, truth, the list can go on and on… into our little souls, leaving us believing that we are less than we are – A Spark of Divine Love.

This is where I love to do magic. I love to tap into all the crap you have been believing about yourself and send it away. I love helping you remember who you truly are…. an Infinite Being Of Love.

If you have been having difficulty creating a life you truly desire, or are feeling heavy, frustrated, sad, stuck, or the like, and you are ready to shift – I can help.

What To Expect:

Once we arrange a time for a session – I will call you and then tap into your energy body and see what’s going on. I will then clear away energies and patterns of behavior that you have been carrying around that don’t serve you. I will clear away all the clutter you are willing to let go of. I will do verbal clearings as I “see” them. You will feel very relaxed, and may drift to sleep – that’s fine and normal when we move massive amounts of energy. Many people do drift off into dream land and see different things – colors, people, energies, it’s all okay. When the session is done, you will feel more expansive and light – able to make different choices from a different perspective.

$120 per session.
Packages available.

Email me at or call me at 808-214-0434 or Facebook Message me today to schedule your session!

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