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Birthing is a beautiful, natural process of life.  Would you be open to having an even more beautiful – even blissful birthing experience?

By allowing yourself to receive deep relaxation, you allow your unborn child to be more at ease within the womb.  The baby will pick up the vibe of the environment – and prepare to live within that environment.  If the mother is under constant stress – she will have elevated cortisol levels in her bloodstream. That will indicate to the child that he/she will be brought into a hostile environment- therefore, they will prepare physically and emotionally to live in that energetic space.  Therefore, it is imperative that the mom and child are both living in the most peaceful and relaxed state as possible.

Self care is crucial during pregnancy – to enjoy this miracle of life.  One beautiful way to nurture yourself and your child is to have energetic clearing/cleansing done fairly frequently during your pregnancy.

One modality I offer is called, “The Bars”, which is gentle touch on the scalp.  It activates energies that clear your mind and body of stored energies that do not contribute to you any longer. ( Maybe never did.)  I also incorporate intuitive clearings to eliminate ancestral patterns that don’t serve you well.

Every session is quite unique – just as each person.  However, there is one commonality between all my client’s experience. They all report feeling “light,” “expansive,” and “more spacious.” That is because we let go of all the stuck dense energies that were collecting on and around them.

This expansion not only leaves one feeling lighter, but also allows for healing energies to flow – reconnecting you to Source/Creator/Authentic Self. How can it get better than that?

Would you like to feel refreshed and light? Would you like to offer yourself and your unborn child a more open environment to live in?  If so, I would love to facilitate a session for you.

To schedule your Blissful Birthing Session – call me at 340-642-4522 or find me on Facebook at Jackie de la Mar!!

Single session – $75
Package of 5 – $350
Package of 10 – $600

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