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Your environment has a great impact on your wellbeing!

How do you feel when you are in your home or your work space?

Do you feel contracted, uneasy, irritated, agitated or depressed when you are in a certain location, only to feel completely better and more like yourself when you leave?

There may be some other energies in that location affecting you, and an energetic clearing might be beneficial.   Energies from previous owners-tenants-clients-anyone really- can stick to a location and affect how you and/or others feel and interact.  It doesn’t have to be dramatic or weird – it can be as simple as asking them to leave.

If you are experiencing any interesting sensations or behavior in a certain location and not in others, it might be worth your while to clear the space.

I would love to support in clearing, cleansing, and blessing your home or work space.

Email me at or Facebook Message me for a consultation about clearing your space!


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