Now offering guided meditations at Nearing Total Health!

Meditation is proven to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and generally improve our overall sense of well-being.

Every Tuesday I will lead you on a guided journey of relaxation, restoration, and rejuvenation.

Be prepared to let go of things we don’t need, to encounter messengers with gifts, and explore far away, exotic places.

Come and explore healthy relaxation and restoration.

Note: Please bring blankets and pillows to ensure your body is comfortable during your guided journey!

Tuesday Nights
6:40 p.m.



Nearing Total Health
4520 Intelco Loop
Lacey, WA


***Please bring blankets, pillows, pads, whatever you need to be comfortable for this one hour journey.
The floor is hard, and we want to make sure your body feels as good as your mind upon awakening.


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