Sacred Journey sessions are a beautiful opportunity to delve into your inner world and find out what is really going on – who is choosing for you – reacting to current situations, and ultimately running the show of Your Life.

I specialize in Inner Child work – together, we invite the hidden aspect of You to come forth and offer healing, reconciliation and integrtion for the wounded child carrying the trauma and pain of past injuries.  Once the Wounded Child is well an integrated, you will notice your adult self will have different reactions to familiar situations.

These sessions are effective for almost any type of struggle such as:

Anger Management


Closure Conversations

Confidence Building

Smoking Cessation

Weight Loss

Some struggles are linked to past lives. If that is the case, we ask for the original situation to be brought to the surface for healing and closure.

Sessions are done via telephone.

Your Investment

$120 per single session.

4 Session Package for Weight Loss – $400

Maintenance Package – $350 ( Available only to those who have completed a 4 session package and have achieved serious breakthrough from original concern)

Contact me via email at, call 808-214-0434 or Facebook Messenger  for a consultation and to schedule your session.



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