Bliss Break

Bliss Breaks – Office Staff Rejuvenation

Are you and your team working long or stressful hours and need a little pick me up? Are you busy taking care of everyone and overrun by details or constantly on stand-by, ready to respond at all times? That can become very taxing day after day.

Think about taking a Bliss Break!

Sacred Journeys is now offering mobile mini-energy scrubs! Sessions last around 20 minutes – perfect for break time! Just have a private or semi-private space available for energetic clearings and relaxation to take place.

What does a “Bliss Break” session look like?

The client is fully clothed on a massage table. I usher them into relaxation with sound healing and gentle touch on the scalp. Then if the client agrees, I can intuitively clear away energetic debris that is in their energy field, causing mental chaos, confusion, fatigue, and even physical discomfort. Clients will feel relaxed, light, and expansive- like they just took a power nap.

Happy & relaxed staff makes for a wonderful work place!
Treat your team to Bliss Breaks today!

Mini-sessions – $25 each
$50 minimum.

Mobile sessions available in Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater.
Areas further out require a $100 minimum.

Call for more information and to schedule your sessions.

Thank you for looking into Bliss Breaks for your and your business.

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