Did you realize that our past experiences can deeply impact our present lives?

Whether one believes in past lives or not is really irrelevant – as when we go into trance we will ask the Highest Self – Creator – Divine – Spirit to show us what “Past Life” experience would be most beneficial for the client to see and review.

Often times there are indeed situations that occurred in other times and places that still have a hold on us in some way. I have had several clients go spontaneously to a past life event that desire to be resolved. Once we did work around the situation – the client was release from that old heaviness.

Example of Past Life Impact

One of my clients was having difficulty making decisions – he would get stuck in a fear of moving forward. He came in to do a session around it and he went to a past life where he was a commanding soldier. We saw him in a state of deep distress due to a decision he had made during battle. All of his soldiers were lost due to his decision. He was a broken man filled with sorrow and regret. My present day client and the past life version met and embraced. There was tremendous healing that occurred in that moment. The soldier trapped in regret and sadness was released to the light, freeing my client of that tremendous burden he had been carrying.
It was such an honor to facilitate such a beautiful healing conversation.


Schedule Your Session!

If you are interested in doing a past life regression – I would love to facilitate this session for you. It doesn’t have to be surrounding a “problem” it could just be something of interest and bring greater awareness into who you are!

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