Tarot Readings


Would you like some clarity around a situation?

Let us consult the Tarot together.
We will see what the cards say and tap into the energies surrounding the situations… and clear them as required.

Sessions can be via Skype or phone.

Session Options

Email Reading – $10 per question.

15 Minute Tarot Reading – $20

30 Minute Tarot Reading – $40

Full Intuitive Tarot Consultation -$129

This session is a blend of Tarot and Energy clearing. I tap into your energy and clear away clutter and debris, while using the tarot to complement the session.

 Contact me!

You can email your reading request to Jackie.delamar@yahoo.com. 

Let me know what the question is and your phone number. I will pull your cards and either call you if in the States – or email you photos of the cards and my interpretation.  We can also meet via skype or phone and have interactive sessions.

My skype address is Jackie.vandervelde2

Phone Number is 808-214-0434.


I’m excited to hear from you – it will be an honor to read the tarot for you and bring clarity to your situation!!



Jackie 🙂