Beach Warrior

Probably the most profound benefit of yoga for me was it reawakened my awareness of my True Nature – my Divine Self and Creator’s Loving Kindness.

I turned to yoga when I was going through a very painful heartbreak. I took my body, my painful memories as well as all my anger, to my newly acquired yoga mat. I would work through poses and use all the energy stored in my body as fuel for my practice. With each pose, I would experience release of the toxins in my body that were associated with different emotions – pain – rage – fear – depression – loss-anguish; and released them through my sweat and each breath. Each day I would let go of more and more pain and received healing in the deepest parts of me. I allowed myself to let go of the attachment to the story – the players- and the outcome. My yoga practice allowed me to live in the present moment of what is – not what was. It has been a catalyst for a new way of living and Being. It has shifted the way I see myself – others – and the world around me.

I invite you to release whatever may be holding on to you in your body, mind, and/or energy body…letting go of what no longer serves you so you can step more fully into the Love and Light that you are. I will lead you in a strong practice followed by a sweet, nurturing savasana – allowing healing and restorative energies to flow where they are needed most.


Love & Light,

Jackie <3

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