Are you struggling with losing weight?

I can help!



Possible Emotional Component

Losing weight can be challenging on many levels.  Not only do we need to change our lifestyle habits, but also our thinking habits.  With weekly or bi-weekly hypnotherapy sessions, we can eliminate the emotional and mental barriers to weight loss.  Even after the first session, you will feel motivated and more confident that you can achieve your goals.

Multiple sessions are recommended because as we make lifestyle changes, deeper issues can arise with behaviors that could sabotage weight loss efforts.  Hypnotherapy can reveal and resolve the root of these behaviors.

Suggested Session Schedule

1st month – weekly sessions.
Bi-weekly sessions thereafter.

Your Investment

Single Session – $120

4 Session Transformation Package – $360

4 Session Package includes 4 weekly phone sessions clearing away negative beliefs and infusing energies of Unconditional Love and Activating Your Divine Essence.  It also includes regular text checkin’s to make sure you are adjusting well.  🙂


Connect with me via email at, or call 808-214-0434, or Facebook Messenger to Chat about how I can help you and to schedule Your Sessions!


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