4th Place Women’s Open Class 5’4″
2009 Vancouver All Natural

Being a figure competitor, I know what it takes to transform your body.
If you are ready to do the work, I will help you achieve your goals.

I have a passion to help women become who they were meant to be; spiritually, emotionally, and physically healthy and living their highest purpose. I started teaching aerobics classes nearly twenty years ago, then moved to the weight room pretty quickly, and even competed at Vancouver Nationals and Emerald Cup in 2009. I love encouraging women to feel confident and strong; not to be intimidated in the weight room, but empowered.

As a yoga teacher, I facilitate powerful and transformative classes that leave one basking in restorative bliss. I also lead partner yoga, which is very playful and instrumental in building relationship and communication skills.

I love being able to help people overcome perceived obstacles in life. “Most often we are our own worst enemy, thinking we cannot achieve the things we desire.” That is why I challenge my clients to breathe through the uncomfortable places and find their inner strength. “We are stronger than we think. That’s why we need to push ourselves to our edge, to find out just how strong we are and to work on our weaknesses.”

In addition to being a certified personal training and yoga teacher, I am also a Certified Hypnotherapist, facilitating illuminating and transformative journeys which allow people to overcome challenges, persistent unwanted behaviors, and re-establish emotional, mental, and physical health.

Through hypnotherapy, personal training, nutrition and lifestyle coaching, I can support you in transforming your body, mind and Spirit.

Suggested Session Schedule

1st month – weekly sessions.
Bi-weekly sessions thereafter.

Single Session – $120

4 Session Transformation Package – $360

Sessions would be via telephone or Skype.

For more information on why working with me could be a contribution to you and your body, contact me via Facebook Messenger or email at or call me at 808-214-0434!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Love & Light.



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